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Teens for Peace Model United Nations

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Who We Are

A Model UN conference by teens, for teens.

Teens for Peace Model UN is the world's first youth MUN conference focusing primarily on issues impacting children and teenagers around the globe. From the beginning, we've been focused on making Model UN accessible to newcomers and young leaders ready to make a difference in the world and in their communities. As a free, online conference open to all delegates and including complimentary beginner delegate training, we pride ourselves on plurality, and we'd love to hear your voice in our innovative debates, where teens discuss issues impacting themselves - a new way to MUN.

Home: Who We Are
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Thank you, TPMUN 3.0 Delegates, Secretariat, and Staff!

Together, we were able to bring together 75+ teens from 35+ countries to discuss crucial issues from Child Labor and Its Causes to Child Soldiers and Their Societal Reintegration to Climate Change through our unique Sinking of Venice Crisis committee.

TPMUN 3.0 on July 11-12 was the most successful conference in TPMUN's history, with delegates from every corner of the world passionately debating issues they care deeply about and developing resolutions that incorporated both tested and novel solutions. 

The ILO on the topic of Child Labor created unique solutions focusing on sexual exploitation of children, guiding at-risk countries towards education-focused solutions, collaborating with UN Women, using due diligence laws that monitor compliance, creating a new ILO subsidiary body to assist on research collection and promote collective bargaining to set fair prices and wages, and laying out new ways of reporting and rehabilitating from incidents of child labor.

The UNHRC on the topic of Child Soldiers also worked off of more proven solutions to build creative ones, building the framework for a new educational fund and investment, encouraging targeted economic growth to decrease types of poverty that perpetuate the usage of child soldiers, stressing the importance of cooperation, and creating programs for psychological therapy to victims.

Our Crisis committee on the Sinking of Venice went in some fascinating directions, from the assassination of the Italian president to pumping foam underground to lift the Venetian islands to devising creating ways, to US-Russian tensions, and finally to the political takeover of the Italian Minister of Universities and Research.

Were you a TPMUN 3.0 delegate or are simply interested in learning more about the conference? Click below for a photo gallery!

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"On the surface, Model UN is about taking young leaders and giving them an issue to solve. 9 times out of 10, you'll get a better result than with adults. Young people care. You don't see that with adults. By targeting issues that impact children and teenagers, we build a culture of empathy and compassion."

Maxwell Hyman, Founder & Secretary-General

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Get Involved

We need your help to build an amazing TPMUN 3.0 conference and add to our growing list of international young leaders. So get involved! Let's start these tough conversations - whether they're about Gun Violence, Honor Killings, or Climate Change - that make the world a better place, one committee at a time. Secretariat positions for TPMUN 3.0 are now open for application.

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Apply to our Secretariat

Our Secretariat is the leadership team behind the success of TPMUN. They work tirelessly to create a positive and exciting experience for our delegates. Being a part of this team is a responsibility, but a wonderful leadership opportunity to make a difference in the world and cultivate real, meaningful debate among teenagers. It is preferred that applicants have extensive MUN experience. Apply today!

Apply to be a Chair

Have some MUN experience? TPMUN is looking for chairs to help run conferences and cultivate thoughtful debate. Chairs make or break a conference, and that's why we're working to gather the best and brightest to help our delegates tackle the world's most pressing issues. Experienced delegates with no past leadership, plenty of past leadership, or anything in between are encouraged to apply.

Partner with Us

Our organization always appreciates the generosity and involvement of people like you, with every contribution going towards making Teens for Peace MUN an even better Non-Profit Organization than it already is. We want to provide you with the correct and appropriate information pertaining to your mode of support, so don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.

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Our Impact

Who has TPMUN reached in our first year?

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196+ Registered Attendees

TPMUN 1.0 and TPMUN 2.0 featured hundreds of attendees and dozens of experienced staff among our committees.

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35+ Countries

Our staff and delegates come from 35+ countries across 6 continents, each with a unique perspective.

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10+ Training Sessions or Guest Speakers

TPMUN goes beyond--we're free, but we provide immense resources to our delegates, especially beginners, to become better MUNers and better people.

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TPMUN 1.0 Closing Ceremonies

Watch our closing ceremonies from TPMUN 1.0, held in July. Here, you can find the award presentation, a recap of the conference, and guest speaker John Lyndon of Alliance for Peace in the Middle East.

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