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Meet the Team: Meet the Team

Meet the Team

The Faces of TPMUN


Maxwell Hyman

Founder and Secretary-General

Based in Chicago, Max first entered the online Model UN scene through delegate roles in various conferences, eventually growing into leadership as a chair and secretariat member. His love for Model UN comes from a fascination with international issues, conflicts, and inequalities. Outside of TPMUN, you can find him on his school debate team, playing golf, traveling, and chilling with friends.


Keshvi Vithlani

USG of Strategy and Chief Advisor

A rising junior from Canada, Keshvi is delighted to be on the applications team for the first iteration of TPMUN. Only recently discovering Model UN, she was captivated by the dynamic and fast paced nature of diplomacy and international relations of MUN. When she is not stumbling over her words in impromptu speeches, you can find her playing basketball, crying over Kumon homework, or excessively napping. Keshvi hopes that TPMUN will be a memorable experience for every single delegate.

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Akshit Calonia

USG of Applications

Akshit Calonia, I am 16 years old. I am a High School Student and live in India. I love to do software programming and passionate about things like basketball and hanging out with friends. I have been in many internships and ambassadorships in the past 2 years and looking for doing some social work for the betterment of the society.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team

Priya Eswaran

USG of Delegate Affairs

Priya is a 19-year-old adventurous Law student from Malaysia who developed a keen interest in Model United Nations four years ago where she attended her first-ever MUN. Ever since then she has been actively involved in the MUN circle as an Executive Board member, delegate, Secretariat member, organizing committee, campus ambassador as well as country director. She is also a member of the UN Association Malaysia Youth as a departmental Associate. Apart from she is also a social activist that is fighting against injustice against women and has been actively participating in different organizations as well as events that are fighting for women's rights.

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Megha Ramachandran

Delegate Affairs Team Member

A 14 year old from Washington, USA, Megha joined Model UN in 6th grade through a mandatory class project. Since then, she's fallen in love with the activity, and continually searches for new ways to get involved. In her free time, Megha enjoys dancing, playing the piano, and hanging out with her dog. She can't wait to see you all at TPMUN 2.0!

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Fenellah Usaide

Outreach & Marketing Team Member

My name is Fenellah Magumba from Kenya. I am a senior at Tabeetha school-Jaffa in Israel where I am currently doing my A-level studies. During my free time, I love reading novels and also watching Netflix. What I like about MUNs is that we are given a chance to tackle real-world problems that shape our thinking on how to solve different issues. Additionally, I love to work on teamwork strategies with other delegates.

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Julean Palpallatoc

USG of Media

Jules Palpallatoc is currently a first year college student who is serving as the USG Media of the TPMUN 2.0 Secretariat team. She has been doing Model United Nations ever since her sophomore year in high school and has been continuously pursuing it ever since. In her free time, she loves to read books and write articles concerning global issues today.

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Abhedya Agarwal

USG of Partnerships

Abhedya Agarwal is a 1st Year CA Aspirant pursuing his undergraduate degree in Commerce. He has been associated with Model United Nations and Youth Parliaments since 2017 and has proved himself a liaised arbitrator, an astute executive board member, and a hard-working part of the Secretariat. His diligent and forebearing personality allows him to infer the situation calmly and seize incentives best suited for the task administered to him at any moment. He is an adherent believer in the principles of individual freedom and personal growth and looks to reap and impart knowledge and ideas from all across the globe. 

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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